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The Bloggess Has Spoken

Jenny Lawson must be spying on me.

A week or two ago, I found a backup of my defunct Typepad blog, and put it back up on the internet on a whim.

And TODAY Jenny Lawson (she of posted an EXORTATION to all bloggers to celebrate  and renew their commitment to blogging:

Holy crap – how did she know? That after blogging about the joys and minor irritations of parenthood I had become distracted by social media? And that I lost a bit of my narrative voice when the kids got older and went off to college?  When did she figure out that I am itching to say something but don’t know where to begin again? How did she know that I was sitting here staring at the “Add New Post” screen on my new WordPress Blog trying to figure out what to say?

Well, godammit I’m back.

Thanks, Jenny.


  1. Woo HOOOOOOOOO! I’m with you!

  2. Jenny is not spying on us; she’s obviously psychic because I just started a personal blog and then she posted her call. It’s uncanny.

    Welcome back.


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