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Batter Up!

Img_3583 Matthew’s doing little league this year.  It was now or never.  Next year he’ll be too young to join instructional league.  Since most of the other kids his age have had several  years of Tball and instuctional league already,  he needs to get started now or never catch up. It says something about the local obsession for little league that nine year olds are all washed up if they want to get started in little league.

Little league has changed a lot from the early seventies when Matt and I joined the Chateaugay little league.  In those days they gave you a shirt, a cap with one iron-on letter (in our case B for Barcomb’s Furniture ), and told you to get out there and play ball. Not much in the way of explaining the basics. If you were an un-coordinated nerd with two left feet, ten thumbs and pathogical fear of having a ball hit in your direction (i.e. me) then you weren’t going to get much better.  Luckily for Matt he DOES have an aptitude, and the coaches are great. Nowadays they get cool uniforms (see photo),  great coaching ,  and they have to wear a cup.  Back in the old days we didn’t need a cup. We laughed in the face of excruciating pain and the prospect of singing soprano for life.

Anyways, he’s got a great coach, and he’s doing really well. 

Img_3577 Img_3605

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  1. Get that boy some chewin’ terbacky and teach him to scratch where he darn well pleases. Then and only then will you have a ball player.

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