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In Buffalo – Chillin Like Villains

We’re in Buffalo, hanging out with Grandma Sehl. We spent most of the day playing catch, eating (Lunch at Ted’s!) and generally goofing off.

Marty and I decided to go on a photographic foray into the backyard. As you can see, he’s got his dad’s fondness for taking zillions of pictures of virtually everything, from every conceivable angle. Here I think he’s taking a picture of the neighbor’s woodpile. I got a few more pictures of Marty yoga positions and Irish Dance springs. He’s a renaissance man!

It turns out he’s not bad at baseball either. The four of us went over to the local elementary school to get Matthew some batting practice, since he’s in little league. Marty showed more interest in batting and pitching I’ve ever seen from him before. Who’da thought. He’s still completely uninterested in competitive team sports, but he’s on the track team at school now.
Img_3663 Img_3697


  1. Yoga? Did I miss a meeting or something? When did this start?

  2. neat shirt

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