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All Is Quiet On New Years Day

We had a fun if quiet New Years eve. The high point of the night was the Monopoly game. Matthew won.  He also got to try a sip of Champagne (response – yuck).  We got out the noisemakers at Midnight and scared the @#$% out of the cats (see photo below).

Back to work and school tommorrow. Aargh. I’ve spent the last week and half at home with the kids, and I’m really going to miss them once we get back into the regular grind of school/work/drum lessons/dance lessons/theatre club/cub scouts.



  1. You %$#*@! Poor Freddie! The SPCA has been alerted.

  2. Hi Pat, Beth and boys,
    It’s about time I visited your blog and enjoyed reading and seeing all about the Bradshaw’s! I had Matt’s Christmas card return to me and was wondering what his new address was. So I remembered the blog from the Christmas letter and here I am! I hope there’s an update soon! It was fun starting out reading a couple recent ones and before I knew it, I went back to 2005 and had read all entries. Fun on a Sunday morning! Enjoyed the pictures as well. Thanks for this. If you can share Matt’s address, I’d appreciate it. Cheers, Your cousin, Mike

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