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The Facts Of Life

Img_0036 Well, he’s 11, so I wasn’t surprised when he asked me to explain, but Marty started asking the big questions today. No, no, no – he already knows where babies come from. I’m speaking about the BIG questions. Like "Dad – what’s ISO stand for?" and "What’s the difference between shutter priority and aperature priority?"

Santa brought Marty a very nice digital camera for Christmas. However, he also got a Nintendo DS, which has obsessed him for every waking moment since 6 AM Christmas morning.  Today was the day he decided to figure out the camera, which has a LOT of controls, buttons, menus etc.

  He’s always had a good eye for what makes a good picture. I’ve lent him my old digital camera in the past, and he took good care of it, and got some really great pictures. As you probably know I’m a photography nut, so I’ve been dying to see if he’s really interested in the camera.I was a little bummed that he didn’t use it much the first couple of days.  It was worth the wait. He patiently sat down and listened to me holding forth on the relation between ISO, shutter speed and aperature.  He didn’t get it all, but at the rate we’re going (his brain developing and mine deteriorating),  I’ll be asking him questions before you know it.

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  1. do you watch the David Pogue podcasts… He previewed that
    new Casio which takes 60 frames /second….
    Liam has been having fun with the mini video camera we got him..

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