Yes, I know the text wrapping is messed up in this entry. Matt – what am I doing wrong html-wise?

For the next part of vacation, it was on to Tom and Karen’s place in Fairlee, Vt.  We did the usual: Reading/Margaritas(Beth), Fishing/Beer(Me ) , Fishing/Skipping Rocks/General Tomfoolery(Marty & Matt).  Beth was more successful than I was. She got through most of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while sitting on the dock. I caught even fewer fish than usual.

I also spent some time playing with the new lens I bought for my camera. It’s called a lensbaby. It creates intentionally fuzzy, soft focus, artsy fartsy pictures:Img_0004 Img_0039_2



In case you’re wondering about that last picture – it’s the gargoyle that supports the light over the downstairs door. You gotta love a place with gargoyles.

And in closing – some pictures of some good looking kids:

Img_9855 Img_0095 Marty_sepia Img_0102