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Snakes on a Pool Cover

When I took the cover off the pool this spring, I left the pool cover on the ground, so it could dry. Of course I never got around to getting it off the ground, and now it’s time to close the pool. I was cleaning it off today, when I turned over one section and discovered four garter snakes (minimum length 18") slithering around.

Naturally I had to grab one and show it to the kids. It’s what we do at our house. You finda critter, you have to capture it for further study.

You would have thought I had discovered a live dinosaur. Marty & Matt were fascinated. They were practically beside themselves as I continuted to find more snakes ( a word to the wise – snakes smell bad. Smart people leave them alone, even the ones that don’t spit or inject venom). They put them in a box and fed them spiders. They invited the neighbors over for a viewing.

I eventually declared the snake research complete and ordered the critters released.

Ah well, soon enough I’ll have a pair of blaise teenagers on my hands with no interest in such things. I may not be a perfect dad, but at least (for now) I’m a dad who captures creepie crawlies for my guys.


  1. You didn’t call us?! That would have made for some great photos for the homeschool book!

  2. I don’t think the critters would have survived all the TLC long enough for you to get to our house.
    Liam could come fishing with us sometime if he’s interested in critters. Last time Matthew and I went we caught a trout, a bass, a hornpout, a perch and a sunfish. Lotsa good stuff for the homeschool book!

  3. Yeah, we had a playdate today where the frog Liam found was “not feeling too well.” Hello! I think you backed over it with your van! So, he now knows what a rather slender frog looks like.

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