Day 2

We did our best to do as little as possible. By 1:30 Matthew was the only member of the family to have caught a fish. He caught too many teenie tiny sunfish to mention, and a decent sized perch.

As for Marty and Dad – Squat.

Both kids can now change lures, bait hooks and unhook fish unassisted. This may not sound like much, but to me it was a major breakthrough. Not on the scale of , say, potty training, but another step closer when I can tell them to drive to the store and pick me up a case of beer.

We did some canoeing, and I landed a largemouth bass.

Beth somehow ignored the flying hooks, dismembered worms and generally fishy odor as she caught up on her reading and Margerita consumption.

Everyone is in full vacation mode by now.

Day 3

Catch as of noon:

Matthew – 7 or 8 Sunfish

Marty – 5 pounds of weeks, 5 Sunfish and a very nice Bass.

Dad – Zip

After lunch we went to the Udder Delight for Ice Cream and to Chapmans for more worms. 

On the way back we drove all the way around the lake.  We tortured beth by playing disc 1 of "Live Phish".  Unlike the rest of the family, Beth is definitely NOT a big Phish Phan.

She had to listen to us sing the three vocal parts to "Bouncin’ Round the Room".  I have to pause now and wipe a small tear of joy and pride from the corner of my eye.

Did I mention that they look good in tie-dye?Img_1198

We headed back to the house where we resumed our default positions – Me fruitlessly fishing from the dock, Beth with her book and Margeritas by the bucket, and both kids playing in the water.

We seemed to have the lake to ourselves.