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Too Old to Rock and Roll, Too Young To Pass Up a Pizza Roll

Img_0995_1 Every year we get together with a bunch of Beth’s old college friends. This year we met at Clarkson University for their 20th reunion. Since I graduated from Clarkson too, it was sort of a 22nd reunion for me. It was fun to see the place again, but it wasn’t really nostalgic. After 22 years away, it’s like being a time traveler. The campus has changed a lot. Buildings that were new when I was their are now considered OLD, and some of the really old buildings look downright prehistoric. It was no surprise that the current crop of students look like a bunch of overgrown junior high schoolers.

Luckily, a lot of the eateries we haunted back the pleistocene era are still open. We had breakfast at THE BAGELRY.  I was a little nervous that my memories of their excellent bagels were just a nostalgic fantasy. But no– they really do make awesome bagels, even by the standards of a cantakerous middle aged man like me.

Img_0818_1 As expected, we ran into a bunch of Bradshaw cousins. You can’t turn around in Potsdam without spotting a Bradshaw.  We were watching a parade, when I realized that I was standing next to my cousin Patty, and her daughter Elizabeth.  My cousins Eileen, John, Mary and Betty (The other Elizabeth Bradshaw in the family), and aunt Marge were all nearby.  Beth and I were really tickled to get a chance to talk to them for 20 minutes or so. We introduced Marty and Matthew, but the boys were more interested in watching the parade.   They have a million cousins in upstate New York. We’re always introducing them to people they don’t know or remember.

More later – time to put the kids to bed!

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  1. Dude,
    I SO love the titles to your posts.
    Long may you rock and roll.

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