Hershey_park_063006_176 OK that’s a bizarre title, but I’m to worn out to be witty.

Took a trip to Hershey, PA .  Marty’s Irish dance troup performed at Hershey Park in the morning, and we spent the rest of the day enjoying the amusement park. It’s a big roller coaster park. They have one that goes 0-72 mph in 2 seconds. With my history of lower back problems, we didn’t even think about that one. Even WITHOUT  the lower back problems I would have found some other face-saving excuse to chicken out.

Hershey_park_063006_156There’s a hat store at the Park, and Marty found a jester’s hat that he liked, complete with bells. We bought it for him and he happily wore it the entire day. It was quite pleasant to be acompanied by the sound of  jingling bells all day.

Marty and Beth rode the Comet, which is an old fashioned wooden coaster. It scared the holy bejeebers out of Marty, but he begged to go on it the next day. Matthew and I did some of the more sedate rides, and we all generally had a good time.

We stayed at the park from opening to closing, and everybody had a good time. We spent a lot of time watching people on the extreme rollercoasters (with names like "Superduperlooper" ), shaking our heads, and congratulating ourselves that we’d never try anything so insane.

The park was great. The motel was not. DO NOT stay at the Econolodge in Hershey. Sleep in a ditch if you must. It will be cleaner and quieter.

More photos in the new Hershey Park 2006 Album.