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It’s Floating!!!

Beth and I took the boat down to Salem, MA today, and got it launched without incident, and with only minimal intimidation and harassment from the yardmaster. He was in a pretty foul mood last fall when we were pulling the boat out, but with good weather and not too many customers he was as congenial as he’s ever been.

I usually dread the whole preparation phase of the boating season, especially trailering our 24 foot boat down route 128 in Massachussetts.  I’m always afraid I’ll forget something critical, or that a trailer tire will fall off in heavy traffic.  I guess I’m finally getting used to the process.

Anyways, we still need to raise the mast and get the sails on (Hopefully on Saturday), but at least we’re floating.

The kids spent the day at the Gousios activity center and fencing club.  They had a great time.  Kelly didn’t seem to find them too taxing to have around. She did however mention that she checks my blog daily and never sees a new entry. Guilty as charged!

In other news, Marty’s end of year Irish Dance recital was last weeked. He did great as expected.

Fi_spr_recital_061706_417 Fi_spr_recital_061706_278

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  1. Your kids are too good! It was a piece of pie. Your boys are great role models. Even my kids behaved all day!
    Next time… jousting! (followed by first aid training)

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