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An End to Kittylessness

With no warning at all, we have acquired a new cat.  A couple of Beth’s coworkers found a kitten wandering around the parking lot. They got him to come into the building, and Beth offered to take care of him. She made a half-hearted call to the local animal shelter, and then let him sit in her lap for the rest of the day. It was all over with when he started purring like a well tuned Porsche.  I knew things were serious when she had named him  within the first couple of hours. For the rest of the day I got hourly email updates as to his progress, including digital photos.

Anyways –  its a couple of weeks later. No one has come forward to claim the cat.  We’ve shelled out over a hundred bucks for shots and deworming.  He’s ours.

Not that I’m complaining.  I’m very fond of the little stinker.  He’s very social, and likes being around people. I just wish he wouldn’t decide he wants to play at 3 AM. 

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  1. A haiku called “Boots.”
    Homeless at Beth’s work
    Must turn on my purr motor
    Bradshaw’s in my power.

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