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Star Wars Geekdom – The Next Generation

Img_5626 We took in the Star Wars Exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science  yesterday. Really, we had no choice, since we have two generations of Star Wars nuts at our house. As much as I geeked out over Star Wars as a kid, and still love it today, Marty and Matt have a SERIOUS obsession with the series.

The exhibit was intended to educate us about real world technology that corresponds to the fantastic stuff in Star Wars (robots, space travel, etc). Marty and Matt couldn’t have cared less about the real world stuff.  They wanted to see light sabers! Marty’s day was absolutely made when he found Shaak Ti’s light saber on display. If you don’t know who Shaak Ti is, that’s a good sign.  If you already know who Shaak Ti is, then there’s no hope for you. You’re already on the road to geekdom.Img_5658_resized Img_5627_resized

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  1. The force is strong in those two.

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