Img_5346_resized The kids have this week off, so Beth and I are alternating taking days off from work to spend with them.  Today we had a jam packed agenda. We drove down to Westford MA, to visit uncle Matt’s office.  He introduced the kids to his co-workers. The Brothers Bradshaw are cute and entertaining in small doses, so they were well received. As we were leaving Matt presented them with a pile of kid-friendly comic books. Is this guy a cool uncle or what?

Img_5358_resized After that it was on to The Butterfly Place. It’s a greenhouse type setup that ontains hundreds of exotic butterflies.  You get to walk around with the butterflies flying all around you, occaisionally landing on your shoulder or head. Img_5449_resized The kids loved it. Marty had already been there four times and was still excited.  Matthew spent a lot of time motionless, hoping to get a really big one to light on him.

On the way to Wendy’s for lunch both kids were totally immersed in the comics that Matt gave them.  As a former comic book junkie from my childhood days, it was a real treat to look in the rear view mirror to see Marty intently reading Teen Titans #6.

Marty has grown up a lot lately.  When we got to Wendy’s ,  he volunteered to find us a table while Matthew and I ordered. Looking over at him sitting confidently by himself at the table,  engrossed in his comic book I felt this silly but intense surge of pride in my firstborn. Six months ago he was very insecure. He would have been scared to be more than two feet from me in a public place. Now, for whatever reason, his self confidence and independance have really blossomed.

We played twenty questions while we ate.  It’s nearly impossible to win against Marty since he has an enormous capacity for science and nature trivia.

Anyways, that’s the day so far.  It’s been a good one.