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Old Photos


Album_b_3_d72_1  Matt just sent me these two photos.  I’d guess the first one is about 1964. Left to right are Aunt Georgina, Uncle Rufie, Grandma Bradshaw, with me on her lap (ain’t I cute?), and Dad holding Matt. Photo #2 must be about 1966 with me, Angie and Matt.


  1. I should point out that I digitally removed the drool-shine from Angie’s chin in this picture. Frankly, it was gross.

  2. Can you digitally alter our protruding ears, or would that require advanced technology unavailable to civilians?

  3. Sadly, that degree of digital alteration would require military grade software and more than a little plutonium. Perhaps it’s best to let those ears be, despite the additional wind-drag.

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