Before Christmas, Matthew and Marty were obsessing more than usual about the latest happy McDonald’s happy meal toys.  Mickey D’s was offering happy meals toys from the Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. There was a different toy every week, culminating with an Aslan figure (cheesy plastic, but his jaw does move up and down in a very unconvincing manner).

I just think it odd and amusing that the Micky D’s conglomerate would offer happy meals of well..God. And not just some vague, new age generic creator God. They’re actually offering Cheesy plastic statues of Jesus. Do they realize what they’re offering? Aren’t they worried about enraging the militant Islamic whackos among us by offering our infidel religious icons to their children as party favors? Its a strange world we live in when one of the  the most secular, generic, commercial businesses imaginable offers up overt religous symbolism in a cardboard happy meal box.

It’s no secret that C.S. Lewis was an outspoken Christian, and that the Chronicles of Narnia were full of overt, not at all subtle Christian imagery. Anybody who says that this is open to interpretation has never read the books (for the record, I’ve read them all – several times for myself, and once for Marty). Lewis hits us over the head with it (albeit in a charming and entertaining way). Aslan sacrifices himself to save an unworthy sinner, then rises from the dead. He refers often to his father across the sea. In a later book (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader if you must know), he appears as a lamb. You don’t need a PhD in literary criticism to get this.


Heck, I’m just a dumb engineer and its obvious to me.

Anyway – I have no agenda here. This isn’t a rant. For the record, I loved the books as a kid, enjoyed the movie, and I’m having a ball seeing Narnia anew through my children’s eyes.  I’m a practicing Roman Catholic, and I’m not at all offended by seeing Aslan as a happy meal toy.

It’s just kinda weird.