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Christmas Concert

Img_3527_1 Marty (on the right) sang in the Christmas concert at school.  He’s such a ham.

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  1. Christina Rahaim

    December 22, 2005 at 7:40 pm

    Hi there- my mother received your annual letter and told me, “Get thee to the Bradshaw Blog,” so here I am.
    If Marty stays in choir through high school, and can sing passably, the local choir director will love him. Male singers are few and far between in public high school.
    Also, you will have to become accustomed to random outbreaks of musical theatre in your house, the show of choice depending on which musical most recently took place in high school. My parents are still not all too comfortable when my “theatre friends” and/or “choir friends” come over en masse. Something about my 200-pound friend Laura tap-dancing over their heads troubles them.
    Merry Christmas,

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