Img_2619_resized A couple of months ago, we discovered Sculpey polymer clay. Its a kind of plastic modeling clay that you can bake in the oven.  The kids love playing with it. Matthew in particular is addicted to it. I’ve even found myself making the odd doo-dad with it in an idle moment. Its a great rainy day activity. We had all the Bradshaw cousins ages 6-15 participating in a marathon sculpey fest a few weeks ago. 

We’ve made sculpey animals, sculpey board game pieces, sculpey pottery, even sculpey skulls (at Halloween).

The trouble that THE HOUSE IS FILLING UP WITH BAKED SCULPEY STUFF! The kids don’t want us to throw any of them out, even the really bizarre, malformed ones that don’t look like anything other than, well.. blobs of goo.

Very soon I’m going to have to engineer some terrible accident that will -um- take care of most of this stuff, to make room for the next products of ****SCULPEY MAAAAAAADNESS!********