The furnace guy is coming tomorrow so Beth and I were clearing a work area for him. I happened upon a box that contained a long lost tape of music from my garage band, P.C. and the Compatibles.  Holy cow. I forgot how bad we sounded and how much fun we had. 

We actually played in public a few times. Our standard fee was $100 split five ways plus free beer. We played a lot of Beatles, Neil Young (I play really sloppy guitar solos too!), and CCR. We also played a few originals, usually written by our de-facto leader Pete Christensen (He was the P.C. The rest of us were the Compatibles).

We played together for a few years, but finally split up over creative differences and petty contractual squabbles. Actually that’s a complete fib.  Pete went to law school and moved away. Ken moved away. We all became parents.

I’m going to get a few sections of the tape into digital format so the lucky readers of the Bradshaw Blog can sample just how dee-litefully bad we were.