Img_2894_resized_1 Our visitors have all hit the road. The kids are sitting around listlessly, wondering what to do with themselves. Beth is taking a well deserved break to read the Sunday paper. I’m left with that "NOW WHAT?" feeling I used to get when I was a kid and our cousins left leaving Me and Matt with no one to play with but each other. It’s a heady and wonderful experience to spend time with people you know so well. 

Anyways, everyone seemed to have a good time. Bradley is now taller than me, and outweighs me by quite a bit, most of it muscle. Matt Dad and I still remember the terror of being left with two toddlers (Stephie and Brad) when Anne and Angie went shopping with Beth.  Now there are seven, ages 6 to 15, and they’re all great kids. 

Thanks again Boyeas and Petrashunes, we had a great time.

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