Img_2453 Well, it’s November 6th, and Matthew still has once soccer game left. What are these people thinking? He’s six! At this level of play, the coaches still have to make sure all the kids are standing up and facing the the right direction.  I doubt any of the parents are worried that the kids need one more game to keep them sharp for the spring season.

Is this just another example of overachieving parents pushing their kids to do more and more at a younger and younger age? Or is it just plain silliness?

The weather was actually beautiful yesterday when Matthew played. At this time of year you can get Indian Summer, or you can get kids slipping around in the snow while their parents try to keep warm by gulping down quart sized cups of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Anyways, despite my whining, Matthew enjoyed himself as usual, and got a goal. He still needs to work on focusing on the game. When the ball is moving, he’s a real go-getter. When the ball is NOT moving, he’s in la-la land.  Anyways, he’s enjoying himself, and he’s not a bad little player. He’s also making more friends, and forging strategic alliances.