Img_2311_resized We took a trip to the Yankee Farmer Farm Stand in Greenfield today.  Its the home of the Yankee Siege Trebuchet.  A trebuchet is a 13 th century siege machine related to the catapult. It was designed to fling 250 lb rocks at castle walls.

This monster is 53,000 pounds, including a 12,000 pound counterbalance.  Since its on the grounds of a pumpkin farm, you can guess what this one uses. We watched it fling a 10 lb pumpkin 1200+ feet. Pretty cool! Don’t ask me why these guys built this monster.  Clearly they were looking for a way to get some business at the farm stand across the road, but most sane people would not have come up with this. Its obviously an obsession.

Anyways, its extremely cool! Sometimes the pumpkins explode in midair!