Img_1301 We finally hauled the boat out of the ocean last Friday. Thank God. THANK GOD!!!!!.  The weather has of course been lousy, so we we were delayed in hauling it out by a couple of weeks. By the time we finally seized the moment on a sunny Friday afternoon, we were well into late October.  This means the weather can turn nasty at any time, the days are short, and Roger the guy who runs the travel lift is downright cranky.  He’s a cranky old salt most days anyways, and he’s got no patience with my relative ineptitude with boating stuff.  I’m still reeling from the time he looked sideways at me and said "Y’aint been around boats much have ya?"

Despite his status as the yacht club’s chief curmudgeon, Roger is very, very good at operating the lift. This means that I take his guff, smile and tip him $20 twice a year.

The weekend was full of the usual frenzy of soccer games, cub scout stuff, play dates, etc. Matthew helped out at the Cub Scout Pancake Breakfast taking orders and (gasp) delivering food to tables. I was really impressed with my hyperactive six year old. He did a great job.