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The Blair Cub Scout Project

Img_1975Matthew’s cub scout den took a trip to the  Monson Village Site.  Monson is the site of a village that was abandoned in the 1700’s.  There’s only one house left standing.  Mostly its a wooded tract of land full of cellar holes. No graves or dead folks.  The scenery is nice, especially in the fall. HOWEVER, it was late on a gray, windy fall afternoon. Some of those old cellar holes are just plain creepy, especially if you’ve seen the Blair Witch Project, and have an over-active imagination. 

The kids found an abandoned, filled-in well and started poking at it with sticks and throwing rocks into into it.  One of the kids even tried to drop M&Ms in. I fought back the urge to scream NOOOOO!!!! YOU’LL WAKE UP THE OLD LADY!!!!!!. Img_1979

Anyways, no unquiet spirits troubled us and we made it back to civilization.

I wonder what’s next. How about camping out in the cemetery on Halloween?

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  1. Never let it be said that the Bradshaw men don’t enjoy a dalliance with the macabre.

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