TigerMatthew and I just got back from his monthly cub scout pack meeting. Sheesh. 40 boys between the ages of 6 and 11 in one confined space for an hour. Sheer bedlam. Matthew’s having a ball. He gets to wear a cool uniform (in which might I add, he looks positively spiffy). He gets awards. He gets to build a pine box derby car. Actually he gets to watch me do most of the pinewood derby car, since a fair amount of sawing is involved.  Since I’d like Matthew to make it past grade school with all his digits still attached, I’ll be handling the cutting implements for a while.  He can sand all he wants.

This was Matt’s second Pack meeting. The whole family went to last month’s meeting. Beth was horrified by the antics. I’ve been told that cub scouts will strictly be my responsibility. That’s fine with me, since I get an excuse to do all kinds of really silly juvenile stuff with Matthew.